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For a brief overview of everything Hockey NSW, refer to our handy Hockey Revolution Booklet

Hockey Australia has recently published a document "Roles and Responsibilities Guiding Principles". It outlines the connected ecosystem of delivery and governance of Australian hockey at a Club, Assocation, State and National level. To view the document, please click here


Inspire the NSW community to connect, play and reach their potential in hockey.


Building active, inclusive and connected communities through hockey.

A Brief History

Hockey has been played in New South Wales since the early 1900’s.

The NSW Men’s & Women’s Hockey Associations were formed in 1908, followed by the NSW Junior Hockey Association in 1960. These Associations eventually merged in 2004, forming a single administrative entity, known as Hockey NSW.

Today, Hockey NSW comprises 27 Associations and approximately 30,000 registered hockeyplayers in regional and metropolitan NSW. The player base represents men, women, boys and girls ranging from five years of age in introductory programs to players aged over sixty five in Masters Programs.

This large membership base has contributed to an enviable record at both Field and Indoor National Championships. Coupled with a high representation rate in Australian Squads and Teams dating back over 80 years, Hockey NSW is proud of the history and traditions that have been created over the past century.

Hockey NSW is even prouder of the fact that hockey can be considered the only true family game.

Every weekend around the State, families take to their local grounds to be part of an experience that only hockey can offer. It’s not uncommon to have a grandparent cheering on their granddaughter playing in the Under 9’s, only to take the field themselves once the game has finished as part of the Over 60’s division.

The birthing ground of some of the world’s most recognised elite players, Hockey NSW focuses not just on high performance but also on ensuring that every player is part of the tight-knit community that comes with playing hockey, regardless of age or ability.

Our Business 

Refer to the Hockey NSW Strategic Plan 2023-2026, which reinforces the Board's commitment to a sound structure and clear objectives for the success of the sport as well as defining Core Values of the Organisation in its dealing with members. 

What does Hockey NSW Do?

The game of Hockey in NSW Participation, Partners & Fans Players, Coaches & Officials
Maximise usage of Revolutionise to optimise the governance framework across Hockey NSW and its affiliates Invest, market and build the profile of hockey in order to enhance the affordability and accessibility of the game Provide development opportunities for players, coaches, umpires and officials that enhance engagement, build competence levels and boost enjoyment

Our Values