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Are you looking for a great way to gain essential experience? Do you like working with a dedicated team of hockey fanatics? Want to chance to be a part of the fun at hockey events? Volunteering is for you!

Volunteering offers individuals more than just a place to help out. It allows volunteers the opportunity to gain experience that is highly valued in all sectors of the workforce and life. There are a variety of roles that require volunteer assistance with every job providing a different opportunity to add or improve a diverse range of skills.

What are the volunteer levels and how are they beneficial?

How can I become a volunteer?

Hockey NSW

Hockey NSW regularly posts calls for volunteers at state and national championships on our social media channels. Keep an eye out throughout the year for your chance to apply for a volunteer role.

Clubs and Associations

Clubs and Association consistently require the help of volunteers. Contact your local club or association by clicking here to find out how you can volunteer.

What is Hockey NSW's volunteer strategy?

  • APPRECIATE: Treat all volunteers with respect, as they're giving up their time.
  • EDUCATE: Create learning opportunities for committees, boards and pathway opportunities for officials and coaches.
  • MOTIVATE: Make it fun and rewarding. Simple gestures such as uniform provided, allowances etc.
  • ADVOCATE: All volunteers are advocates for the sport and organisation.