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Every Hockey team, from junior clubs to senior and representative teams, rely on dedicated coaches. They serve as role models and play a crucial role in shaping players' development, both on and off the field. 

Hockey NSW in collaboration with Hockey Australia, is comitted to fostering the growth of knowledgeable and high-caliber coaches across our state. A primary objective is to ensure that properly qualified coaches lead teams at all levels, particularly emphasising our junior divisions. 

Coaching can provide great fulfilment and challenge while also taking you around the world as part of this global game. 

Want to become a coach?

The Hockey Australia accreditation courses provide a common standard of foundation knowledge for all coaches to build on through practical experience. 

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Hockey NSW run coaching courses

Hockey NSW run several coaching courses throughout the year which fulfil the required practical assessment element of the accreditation process. See the table below for upcoming coaching courses in your area! 

Please note you must complete the online theory before you are able to register for the practical course.

Foundation Lead Coaching Course (Formerly Level One): 

Location Date Time
Orange Sunday 28th April, 2024 10.00am-2.00pm
Grafton October, 2024  TBC
Armidale October, 2024 TBC


Below is an overview of the new Hockey Australia Coaching and Officiating Framework.


Foundation Support Coach

The Foundation Support Coach is the first accreditation in the coaching framework and is aimed at providing prospective coaches with an introduction to the fundamentals of coaching. 

This FREE accreditation is completed entirely online and can be done in the comfort of your own home. It will take approximately 2 hours to complete, and you receive your certificate at the end. 

To enrol in this accreditation, follow the step-by-step guide here

To download a copy of the Learning Outcomes & Competencies for this accreditation, click here


Foundation Lead Coach

The Foundation Lead Coach is the second accreditation in the coaching framework and is targeted at supporting beginner coaches who want to begin creating positive environments for participants and taking the lead of teams. 

This accreditation is completed in two parts. The first is an online course that can be completed at any time. Then the second is a face-to-face workshop where you get to implement your learning. The workshop is expected to take approximately 4 hours to complete. 

To enrol in this accreditation, follow the step-by-step guide here

To download a copy of the Learning Outcomes & Competencies for this accreditation, click here


Development Lead Coach - Coming Soon

Advanced Lead Coach - Coming Soon

Development Support - Coach (GK Coach) - Coming Soon

Coaching Framework Terminology 

Old Qualification New Qualification
Community Coach Foundation Support Coach
Level 1 Coach Foundation Lead Coach
Level 2 Coach Development Lead Coach
Level 3 Coach Advanced Lead Coach
n/a Performance Lead Coach

Participants are able to renew their accreditation as a part of the learning process. Below outlines the accreditation window and corresponding renewal requirements. 

  • Year 1 - Accreditation complete
  • Year 2 - Apply learnings from accreditation
  • Year 3 - Participants are required to renew before the expiry of their accreditation
  • Year 4 - Participants can no longer renew their accreditation; they must re-sit the accreditation or apply for an RCC

To apply for an accreditation renewal, click here

Accreditation renewals will incur a cost of $50.00 AUD and can be purchased here

Recognition of Current Competency

Hockey Australia recognises the prior learning of members of the community. 

Prospective learners can apply for a RCC for Development Level Education and above. RCC cannot be requested for Foundation Level Education. 

Learners will be required to submit a resume of relevant experience, supporting education certifications and references for their experience. 

To apply for an RCC please click here

Requestees will also be required to make a payment of $50.00 AUD as a part of the process, payments can be made here