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The Centre of Development (COD) Program is a development program for kids aged 14 years and below, that provides an opportunity for kids to learn and develop their fundamental hockey skills.

This is done in a fun and social way without the stress of a competitive environment. It is seen as a retention program in the Hockey NSW participation framework.

This is a holistic hockey program offering development opportunities for players, coaches and officials, and at the culmination provides the opportunity to attend the
New Balance Regional Challenge for a three-day carnival of games and fun with friends. 

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For any questions about the COD Program for 2023/24
please email:


All locations will commence from the week beginning 6th November 2023 


Pre Christmas Dates are: Week beginning

Post Christmas Dates are: Week beginning

Week 1 - 6th November (Griffith will begin 31st October - December 11th pre Christmas) Week 6 - 22nd January 
Week 2 - 13th November Week 7 - 29th January
Week 3 - 20th November Week 8 - 5th February (Griffith will begin 6th February post Christmas)
Week 4 - 27th November Week 9 - 12th February
Week 5 - 4th December Week 10 - 19th February



Centre of Development (COD) is our highly successful program which consists of three elements:

  • Training Sessions
    • 20 hours (for 10 weeks, a 2-hour session each week) of coaching delivered at your local venue. This year there will be a new curriculum designed by Brent Livermore, OAM OLY.
  • Regional and GK Sessions
    • 4 Regional GK sessions for the GK’s. Each GK can attend as many of these sessions as they would like.
    • Regional Sessions are where a player can join with another centre across their region for a larger 4-hour training session.
  • Regional Challenge
    • The New Balance Regional Challenge is the culmination of the COD Programs. All players are invited to attend a tournament style weekend. It is an opportunity for the participants to meet and compete with others from around the state. It is a way for all of the participants to practice and demonstrate all of the skills they have been working on through out the training sessions. The event is a festival of hockey where the focus is on fun and development. No scores are kept, and at the end of the weekend a champion region is crowned based on sportsmanship and the demonstration of the Hockey NSW PRIDE values. 

This program caters for children in two age groups (12's and 14's) of all ability levels.

It is recommended that children aged up to and including having already turned 12 in 2023, register in the 12 age group particularly those who are new to hockey. The 14 age group is recommended for all 13 and 14 year olds and some of the more experienced younger players may also be suitable to register for this age group.

COD is the largest event on Hockey NSW's calendar and accepts over 1,000 junior participants into the program. Junior athletes can gain access to the program all across NSW making up 11 team regions (4 in Metro Sydney, 7 in Regional NSW).

Each team region is made up of multiple teams of various ages and genders. The program is also joined by over 180 officials including Coaches and Umpires, both of which receive development and accreditation opportunities though COD.

The COD Programs follow the 20 hours of coaching, culminating in the New Balance Regional Challenge; a three-day event where each team region competes allowing athletes to practice and demonstrate their newly learned/developing skills.

The COD Program has 11 team regions all across NSW to allow every hockey-mad kid an opportunity to develop their skills. Every team region comes with a signature colour, emblem and name for each athlete to play under. To find your team region, click the images below.



To use your Active Kids Voucher for COD, you will need to complete this survey with your child's full name, DOB and Active Kids Voucher number. This needs to be done BEFORE you register your child for COD. Once you have emailed the details above you will receive a unique discount code that you will be able to apply to the registration and get $50 off the total.

PLEASE NOTE: Any Active Kids rebate applied to COD registration fees cannot be refunded directly to participants as per the NSW Government's Terms and Conditions for the Active Kids Program.

All COD participants will receive feedback about their development as a part of sessions and will be encouraged to self reflect on their development as a part of the Regional Challenge - COD Player Reflection and Development Planner

By developing holistic player attributes and  creating environments where skills can be learned and practiced, particularly through continuous style play and small sided games, players will be  supported to develop as people and team contributors. Athlete success profiles that include five areas of holistic development have been identified and align with Hockey Australia's BIG 5

These aspirational success profiles will guide development and encourage self reflection for continuous improvement. More information about Athlete Success Profiles can be found by clicking the link  Pathway To 2032 | Hockey NSW

As in previous years, we will be hosting Goal Keeping Clinics along with Regional Sessions throughout the COD program across NSW to further support the development of our Goal Keepers.

The dates and locations for all of our GK and Regional sessions are being finalised by Hockey NSW with our confirmed sessions below:

Greater Sydney GK and Regional sessions:

Pennant Hills, Saturday December 16th 2023 - 9:00am to 1:00pm Regional Session

* Unfortunately Moorebank/Liverpool will now be CANCELLED*  

Sydney Olympic Park, Saturday January 13th 2024 - 9:00am to 1:00pm GK AND Regional Session

* Marang Parklands will not be proceeding & will be RELOCATED to Sydney Olympic Park*  

Northern NSW - Hunter Hurricanes & Mid North Sharks GK and Regional sessions:

Wyong (Central Coast), Saturday 16th December 2023 - 9.00am to 1.00pm Regional Session
Port Macquarie, Saturday 20th January 2024 - 9.00am to 1.00pm * GK AND Regional Session


Western NSW - Western Stars GK and Regional sessions:

Bathurst, Saturday 16th December 2023 - 9am to 1pm GK AND Regional Session 
Parkes, Saturday 6th January 2024 - 9am to 1pm Regional Session


FNC/Northern Inland - Thunderbolts & Storm Regional sessions:

Tamworth & Grafton, Saturday 9th December 2023 - 9:00am to 1:00pm Regional Session
Armidale & Lismore, Saturday 20th January 2024 - 9:00am to 1:00pm Regional Session


Southern NSW -  Southern Stingrays & Riverina Heat GK and Regional sessions:

Wollongong, Sunday 17th December 2023 - 10am to 2pm GK AND Regional Session 

Hockey NSW are very supportive of umpire development and all COD participants will undertake an hour’s umpire development to assist with their game understanding to increase their ability to then umpire at the New Balance Regional Challenge event. This development is being introduced with the support of the Hockey NSW Umpire and Officials Development Manager, Zeke Newman. This can see athletes obtain their community umpire accreditation at the New Balance Regional Challenge event.

As a part of supporting continued coaching development in each region, Hockey NSW fosters an opportunity for developing coaches to be involved in COD. During the program, coaching support and guidance will be provided, as well as a number of resources.

It’s a great way to build your skills as a coach, as well as sharing your ideas and learning from others. The coaching network that is created as part of the COD Program allows our local coaches to upskill and take knowledge back to their local Club or Assocation.

You can commit to as little or as much of the program as you like. All you need is a valid WWCC and interest in upskilling yourself and in turn, upskilling the players within the program. 

Coach Development tool

Hockey NSW is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people who are involved in our sport. We take seriously our responsibility to deliver a sporting environment that is fun, caring, nurturing and safe and work hard to:

a) minimise the likelihood of a child or young person being harmed, and

b) respond promptly and appropriately when it happens.

All coaches within the COD Program are expected to follow the Safe Hockey Code of Behaviour  and adhere to all relevant laws and policies in regards to child safety.

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The 2024 COD New Balance Regional Challenge will take place in Newcastle from 8th to 10th March 2024. This is the culminating event of COD and is one of the showpiece tournaments on the Hockey NSW calendar.

The three day round-robin carnival is included in the registration fee for COD and allows all participants to attend the event. The focus of the weekend is gameplay and putting the skills developed during COD in to practice. Action on the pitch will be fast paced and team oriented. No results or scores are kept throughout the weekend and awards are given for development, as well as Hockey NSW PRIDE values in action. 

All athletes are encouraged to wear a COD uniform. 

COD Uniforms will be able to be purchased separately through the online COD shop.

The uniform includes a singlet or longsleeve t-shirt (or goalkeeper smock) and socks. Shorts are available but not required.

Click here for COD Uniform Shop 

After last year's successful launch, COD supporter gear will once again be available for purchase through the website. Items such as hoodies, polo shirts and caps are available. Participant's family members and friends can show their support by decking themselves out.  

Click here to purchase COD Supporter Gear

Please click here to access the Centre of Development Refund Policy 

In the event of the entire COD Program being cancelled by Hockey NSW, a full refund will be provided to all registrants.

In the event of part of the COD Program being cancelled by Hockey NSW once the program has commenced, a pro-rata refund based on the number of sessions delivered will be provided.

Please note that any Active Kids rebate applied to COD registration fees cannot be refunded as per the NSW Government's terms and conditions for the Active Kids program. 

An invitation to the New Balance Regional Challenge is provided complimentary to COD participants, and is not part of the COD registration payment. No refund will be given if the 2023/24 New Balance Regional Challenge does not go ahead.

What do I receive?

• 20 hours of consistent, good quality coaching within your home region.

• 2 x 4 hr regional training sessions for field players and 4 x 4hr regional GK training sessions.

• Complimentary entry to the New Balance Regional Challenge, Hockey NSW’s largest single event and winner of Sport NSW Community Event of the Year.

• Education on umpiring basics, providing a more thorough perspective on the game of hockey.

What if I can’t make every session?

Athletes can make up missed sessions by attending sessions within other regions at different times. Please contact via email to advise of your missed sessions and discuss how these might be made up.

What if a session is cancelled due to Flood, Heat, Fire or COVID 19?

One of our regional Hockey NSW staff members (for our Regional Community Team click here) will be in contact via email or SMS message to advise of program cancellation. If a session is cancelled, we will try to make up this time in alternate weeks.

Who will be coaching?

Hockey NSW will employ casual staff to coach these programs. Each centre will have a Lead Coach that will work with the regional Hockey NSW staff to deliver a consistent curriculum developed by Hockey NSW’s new Director of Hockey and Performance, Brent Livermore OAM OLY. The number of paid coaches at each centre will depend on the number of registered participants at each location.

I would like to become involved as a volunteer coach?

Hockey NSW has a focus for the COD program to provide coach development for all level of coaches so they can also develop over the summer months during the program. If you are interested and would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact one of our Hockey NSW Regional Community Team.

Do I have to attend the Regional Challenge?

Whilst not compulsory, the New Balance Regional Challenge offers a great opportunity to test the skills developed during COD in a fast, game style environment while mingling with hockey players from across the State in a friendly, fun and non competitive atmosphere.

Can I be selected into a State Squad?

Not through this program.

Why does my region have to pay Association Turf hire?

Some Associations charge turf hire costs to Hockey NSW, which is included as part of the registration cost. Hockey NSW is grateful to Associations that have provided their facilities free of charge to athletes in COD.

For any additional information, please contact: