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Hockey NSW and the Australian International Sports Organisation are working in partnership to increase the profile of Hockey to the various multicultural communities across NSW.


  • Increase the awareness of Hockey to multicultural communities within NSW, attracting new and emerging markets to the game.
  • Design, implement and deliver a Community Ambassador program to help identify and recruit key multicultural leaders to help promote all aspects of Hockey.
  • Design, implement and deliver multicultural “Community Trial'' events in NSW, for both males and females. Selected individuals from each event will take part in the multicultural community competition.
  • Develop a multicultural community competition for Hockey NSW for males and females.
  • Activate fan engagement and promotional opportunities through multicultural media outlets, events and community festivals.
  • Introduce and deliver Entry Level Hockey programs at targeted schools that have a high percentage of students with a language background other than English (LBOTE).
  • Support clubs and associations through the delivery of multicultural awareness workshops.
  • Identify and introduce potential multicultural business partners to Hockey NSW.
  • Identify any potential barriers associated with multicultural communities as potential fans, participants or volunteers.

If you would like to be involved in the Hockey NSW Multicultural Engagement Program please contact Manager Community Projects - Ms. Corrina Baldock (



The Hockey NSW Community Ambassador Program is a newly established program to help engage multicultural communities, promote the sport of hockey and support the newly established Hockey One League.

The Hockey NSW Community Ambassador Program is one element of the Hockey NSW Multicultural Engagement Program for 2023/24. The main objective of the program is to increase the awareness of Hockey to multicultural communities within NSW, attracting new and emerging markets to the game.

We are seeking enthusiastic members of the community who are passionate about sport and are committed to grow the sport of Hockey. The program is of voluntary nature and there are a limited number of positions available. 

Please click here to see a full position description


Hockey NSW wishes to acknowledge the invaluable financial backing provided by the Department of Home Affairs Fostering Integration Grants program. 


Charishma Kaliyanda
Mannu Singh
Faraan Mirza
Yash Kammoun
Rahim Zaidi
Arslan Kiyani

Sonny Chadha

Nayonika Bhattacharya

Rebecca Kay



There are currently no upcoming mulicultural events. Please check the page on a later date. If there is not an event available near you, please contact us and we will see if we can assist. Please note that these events below are subject to change without notice, so please keep checking back for updates.