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2024 Field State Championships Format Changes

Published Tue 12 Dec 2023

Over the past 12 months, Hockey NSW has undertaken a review of the Field State Championships (FSC) including formats and timings of the Championships. The review was approved by the Hockey NSW Board upon consideration of the stakeholder feedback at the completion of the Championships in 2022. These comments along with the extended period of time without a review were the catalyst for the review. 

As part of the review process, Hockey NSW created a Project Working Group (PWG) that consisted of both Metropolitan and Regional Associations as well as Associations of varying registration sizes. 

In early 2023, Hockey NSW sent out a survey to Association Presidents and Secretaries as well as various Hockey Stakeholders for their views and opinions on the Field State Championships. The feedback from these surveys was the basis of the first meeting with the PWG. 

Across further meetings, the PWG discussed and floated ideas and options for a change to the FSC in 2024. A major recommendation from the PWG following the survey responses was to shorten the length of the FSC season as well as reduce the number of grass games that are used at State Championships. 

A change in format was then put forward to the Hockey NSW Board for approval and subsequently communicated to Associations. This format reduced the FSC season from 8 weekends to 2 weekends and combined age groups and genders. This was sent to Associations for feedback and thoughts. After reviewing this feedback, Hockey NSW determined that further adjustments would need to be made to the structure and timings to better suit Associations. 

Therefore, Hockey NSW will be implementing the structure below for the upcoming 2024 FSC season. 

2024 FSC Structures and Changes

  • Age groups will be adjusted to be in line with Hockey Australia and the Nationals - Age groups will now be 14s, 16s, 18s and Opens. 
  • Talent identification will now be implemented at all Hockey NSW FSC. This will remove the selection of State Teams from State Championships. 


Opens Under 18s Under 16s Under 14s
  • Single weekend
  • Men/Women combined
  • 26 teams per gender
  • Single weekend
  • Girls/boys combined
  • 26 teams per gender
  • Two weekends 
  • Boys and girls split
  • Uncapped entries
  • Two weekends
  • Boys and girls split
  • Uncapped entries


Opens and Under 18s Changes cont. 

Single weekend at multiple venues and capped to 26 teams per gender. 

  • Division 1 (Men's/Women's or Boys/Girls) - Together at a single venue
  • Division 2 and 3 (Men's/Women's or Boys/Girls) - Together across a single or multiple venues
  • Associations are capped at 1 team nomination. Should 26 nominations not be received, Hockey NSW will have the right to invite nominations from Associations for a 2nd team. 


  • Played on the June Long Weekend

Under 18s

  • Played in Late April/Early May

Under 14s and 16s Changes cont. 

Uncapped entries and played across two weekends

  • Boys and Girls on separate weekends
  • One or multiple venues may be used (if multiple must be in proximity). 
  • Grass games may be required

Under 14s

  • Played in late April/May

Under 16s

  • Played in late June/July


Hockey NSW will continue to review and seek guidance from the Project Working Group and will continue consultation with key State Championships Stakeholders. The changes will be implemented for the 2024 Field State Championships campaign with further roll out and adjustments to be investigated and discussed at the conclusion of the 2024 Field State Championship season. 

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Nathan Walker on